About MTG:M

So you’ve decided to take a gap year. We understand that it’s been difficult coming out about it. “WHY?!” is the common reaction people give when they find out that you’re not going to university right after finishing your pre-university studies. Sometimes people (parents especially, oh goodness let’s not get started on them) assume that you failed at studying/don’t want to study anymore. Soon you feel ashamed of admitting that you haven’t got any offers and you won’t be flying anywhere anytime soon. You feel doubtful, uncertain, insecure, alone.

But here’s the thing.


Mind the Gap: Malaysia (MTG:M) was set up by a bunch of kids who are walking the path less chosen by taking a gap year between pre-u and university. We’re out to challenge the idea that it’s best to dive into the working world and start earning money as soon as possible i.e. Asian Family Syndrome.

All of us have different reasons for taking a year off. Some of us need a break from all that studying. Some of us just need some time to think about what we really want to do at university. Whatever the reasons, we firmly believe that you should ENJOY your time off as much as possible!

MTG:M is also partly in response to a question we get a lot from non-gap-year peeps (parents and peers alike) is, “So you’re just going to sit around at home for a whole year ah?”

FACT: There are a whole lot of other things to do in life besides studying! Just because you’re not studying doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything else. And just because you’re not attached to any institutions of education doesn’t mean you’re not LEARNING anything. In fact, a year off can be a wonderful opportunity to learn and do all the things that being at school previously prevented you from learning and doing. Universities really dig that.

This is where we’re going to post photos, share stories and most importantly ideas about what we can do with all this time on our hands. Let’s show the world how to take it slow, and be proud that you’re taking a gap year (or three!).

The MTG:M crew

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