TFM is looking for an intern!

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If any gappers are still reading this and happen to be looking for an internship, Joyce Tagal at TFM is looking for an intern! Here’s her original facebook post – if I can figure out how to get the link, I’ll share that.

Hi everyone! Desperately seeking an intern to work with me at TFM for 2-3 months.. any takers? Ideally someone with strong organizational skills who is willing to learn a lot about building strategy and organize a few key events for our 2013 Fellows. Person will also be able to work with 2 very important stakeholders.
Do let me know if you know anyone, or email me at! Feel free to share with your friends!

Joyce is a really cool person and you’ll learn lots from working with her! Also, interning at TFM is really fun!

(Which reminds me, I should get round to writing about my TFM internship up here soon…)

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