Site Announcement: Mid-Year Report, and Recruiting!

Posted on June 10, 2012 by


You’ll notice we’ve been on hiatus for quite a while. We apologize, gappers! The reason for this is that every single one of our editors is, if not missing or travelling, is busy getting ready for university. Kareem’s off gallivanting all over Europe (he will have a big fat blog post up on it when he gets back, that I can assure you), and Suraj is being held captive in Singapore. Sheng Hoay, Hock Eu and Louise have about a million different decisions to make regarding our future and planning for it. It’s been less easy to meet up and brainstorm ideas. Beginning this week, however, things are getting back on track. We look forward to providing you with regular posts on navigating the post-high school gap again.

But we hope this gets one thing across: we really do need more people on board.

If you are going to be going on a gap in the upcoming 2012-2013 period, or if you know someone who is, and if you would like to become a contributor to this weekly e-zine, write in to us and let us know. We’re on the lookout for editors, regular contributors, marketers, web designers – anyone who’s got experience working in a newsroom. Or even if you’re just interested in what we do, you can help out too. We look for a variety of opinions and outlooks towards life. If you believe in looking at what it means to get an education differently, if you believe in hands-on approach to learning, if you’re passionate about education (we know many of you are) we’d love to have you on the Mind The Gap team.

On another note, it’s now been 6 months since Mind The Gap started running. The response to this venture has been extremely heartening, with viewer rates hitting the 100-clicks mark within hours of posting a piece. Even during our hiatus period, we’d still get 40-50 clicks on the weekends. We didn’t expect such warm response. Thank you for every view and every click. You remind us that there are people out there who want to know more about what it’s like to take a gap year. It tells us that our attempt to shatter some of the myths about taking a gap year is hitting the right notes. And it reminds us to work even harder to educate the Malaysian public on this issue.

Thank you.