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by Foong Lily

There are two things that should be clarified. Firstly, I am not “gapper”. Next, I am still not an official Kiwani-an. Even so, I am grateful to be able to share a tad of my experience as a volunteer for a few Kiwanis events.

So what is Kiwanis? The motto of Kiwanis is “Serving the Children of the World”, therefore it is pretty obvious through their motto that Kiwanis is an organisation where volunteers work with children. For me, Kiwanis provides the opportunity to devote some time as a volunteer in charity events.

“Minimum Requirements”:
Being a (official or unofficial) Kiwanis member mostly requires the simple task of caring for the children. If you are attached to a Kiwanis Club (also known as Key Club for working adults and Circle- K for the students), you would also be involved in fund-raising events. However, this does not exclude you from the physically demanding running around with the children to the lavatory and the frequent head-counting sessions during a day out- an excellent way to keep fit. 😉 Being involved does not require much, you will not need strings of ‘A+/A*-s’ or any experience at all. However, do keep in mind that you will need a bundle of energy and some free hugs and smiles to give out!

Free Hugs are freely exchanged between volunteers and children.

Kiwanis became an eye opener to many things that I was oblivious to. Here are a few of things that I have discovered:

Counting your blessings!
It is undeniable that working with the less fortunate places us in the position to realise how very fortunate we (the volunteers) are. This is a common reason why most people are involved in charitable acts. While most of us “fortunate people” rant about not having iPad, iPods and iWhat-so-nots, these children live at a subsistent level.  During the semester break last year, I volunteered in a post- Christmas event for a Myanmar refuge centre which was conducted by Kiwanis. There were 50 children who were patiently waiting in line for ice-cream. Some took extra for their friends while others were looking forward to a second helping. The joy that radiate from their smile reminded me to appreciate the smallest things in life, like a melting ice-cream.

Love beyond boundaries.
Just earlier this year, I managed to convince some of my friends to volunteer for the 14th Kiwanis Annual Party which was held in Sunway Lagoon. The theme park was filled with laughter and screams of delight.  Regardless of race or religion, Kiwanis sponsored at least 20 homes this year and every year, the crowd gets bigger and bigger. Here, you will witness the true meaning of unity- the amalgam of languages and backgrounds. Nonetheless, the children did not hesitate to call me “sister” and held my hand during the gravity-defying rides. On top of that, we also got to know fellow volunteers from Circle-K, ISKL due to the large number of volunteers that were needed on the annual event.

A growing team: Volunteers from KDU and ISKL increasing significantly from 2011 (top) to 2012 (bottom).

Do yourself a favour- Service above self.
Unfortunately, being a full-time student, college work and the regular class tests demands most of my time. Nevertheless, I do sneak in some time to volunteer for events held by Kiwanis. So if you are on a gap year or if you are considering the option of taking one, do remember to take some time off not only for yourself, but for others (like some really adorable children). You might just pick a few life lessons that you’ll never find in the classroom/ lecture halls!

Serving the Children.

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