Of Balloons and Photography.

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My high school junior Danish, is a boy of many talents; he plays piano really well, he dances like a boss and has a great gift in photography. If you are interested in photography as well and think his pictures are really good, contact him at on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MDanishL 
 Of Balloons and Photography
by Danish MDL
Just a few weeks back i was searching for events online and something caught my eyes. It was the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon(PIHAB) Fiesta. So, on Friday (16th of March 2012), I left my house early in the morning and reached putrajaya at around 6 am. Went to the mosque just in time for morning prayers. It was around 6.30 am when I reached Monumen Alaf Baru which the hot air balloon fiesta was held.
It was a challenge to find parking there as I was not familiar with the place but I found the VIP parking area and decided to park there as quite a number of photographers also parked there.

The fun part of going there that early, as a photographer, was to capture the photos of how the hot air balloons were set up. Even before the balloons were set up, there are already 100+ people waiting in line to get their tickets to experience a flight of their life time in a hot air balloon. The ride is only priced at RM10/pax which I think it is not expensive at all. As there were only 300 tickets for the morning session and 300 tickets for the evening session, the tickets were sold out before you even notice it.

Other than hot air balloon, there are also fun activities such as riding the KMX Kart which you can cycle in a small track with a small tricycle. Some ride it slow to enjoy it with their children and some ride it fast to race with others. Best of all, it is also priced at RM10/ride. There are also zorbing, wall climbing, racing simulator and archery around that area.

I wasn’t able to see many different types of hot air balloon as it was still too early. Same goes for the helicopter ride as it is only available on 17th and 18th of March. But overall, it was a fun day for me and I also took back some good memories with me. My friend also had the chance to get a t-shirt and a notebook as memories back home. One more thing, a can of mountain dew only costs RM1 during the fiesta so it was not only a fun day after all.
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