Ultimate Frisbee (Ulti)

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by Khor Hock Eu

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Now THAT’s more like it. That up there – it’s Ultimate Frisbee, if you don’t yet know it. ‘Up’ is part of Frisbee lingo – it means the disc’s up in the air. Looks pretty awesome huh? That’s cause it is 😛 Ulti’s been pretty low profile for the few decades its been in Malaysia, but interest has been growing steadily because of the passion of its players who regularly organize tourneys for both locals and internationals.
As for the gameplay,it’s actually quite like American football—it actually started out as Frisbee Football before it became Ultimate. Ulti’s usually played in teams of 15,with 7 players on the field for each team and 8 subs, though there are other variants of ulti such as beach ulti and 5 o 5 ulti. One of the great things about ulti is that ulti can be played (and is commonly played, in Malaysia) as a mixed sport — guys and girls play together—besides the mens and womens divisions. The field is about the size of a football field and looks like this:

Field diagram

One member of team 1 pulls the disc from his team’s end zone (throws it really far and high towards the other end zone) and the other team gains possesion of the disc. They start from the point where the disc fell, or, if it went out, the center of the field, and work their way across the field by passing the disc (no running with the disc) till one of team 2’s members catches it in the end zone:

pass 2



Of course, the opposing team will be trying to force a change of possesion by defending.This might be zone defense, or man to man.Watch a little football or basketball and notice what the defense does—it’s pretty similar.Interceptions, outs, and drops mean changes of possession, whereupon the opposing team starts moving the disc towards your end zone, or vice versa.


Sounds simple? Just be sure not to intentionally bump into people because ulti’s a non-contact sport. Spirit is a really important aspect of ulti, so be fair on the field, be sporting. Ulti isn’t played with a referee, not even in tournament matches;players self-referee so fair play is essential for a good game.
But how do you start? The easiest way is to join a pickup-a free for all game where senior players can help you get the ropes of the game, and you can learn through experience without having to feel embarrassed. Here are some pickup times and venues:
Penang: Sundays, Padang Polo (5-7pm)…Contact: Amin (amynali_2002@yahoo.com) / Wai Onn (awwainonn@hotmail.com)

Klang Valley: Saturdays, KBU (9am-Noon) … Contact Kuan (klsmurf@mac.com) / Safwan (waris72@yahoo.com)

Don’t be shy, talk to the other players. Ulti’s quite a social sport and you’ll be mixing with the players on other teams quite a lot during tourneys too.
And here are some really important websites and Facebook groups:
Ultimate KL:
Ultimate Malaysia:
Bring extra clothes, water, football boots if you have ‘em. Have fun!

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