AIESEC – The World’s Largest Student Driven Organization

Posted on January 27, 2012 by


by Suraj Bulchand



Present in over 110 countries and territories and with over 60,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to change the world and to get experience & skills that matter today.

Having been fortunate enough to join AIESEC in Malaysia, I can confidently say that it was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. Though my stint at AIESEC lasted only a couple of months, the skills I gained, people I met and experiences I had were second to none. AIESEC truly is an amazing platform, matchless in its ability to provide a forum conducive to intellectual stimulation with a myriad of international internships, exchange programs, job opportunities and leadership seminars. If you are interested in building solid networks, looking for ways to exploit your potential and genuinely want to make a difference as a global citizen, then AIESEC is the guild for you.

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