6th World Youth Congress: Rio 2012

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A quick note: I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, guys! We actually planned to launch the site earlier this month, but everyone’s way too busy with applications to write any articles. Once apps are over, though, we’ll be right back on track. 🙂

In the meantime, I’d like to inform everyone about the 6th World Youth Congress, which is taking place in Rio next year! Details can be found at www.wycrio2012.org.

Having been to the 5th World Youth Congress, which took place in Istanbul last year, I can honestly say that it was 100% worth it. Here are some reasons you should apply:

  • Costs – Your food, accommodation and transport is completely sponsored. This means that you need only pay for your flight ticket! And if you represent a cause, you can get an organization to pay for your ticket.
  • Lots of new people – Last year’s conference had 1000 delegates. I don’t know if they’ve placed a cap on the number of delegates this time round, but I sure hope not. I met so many people from all over the world. I can proudly say that I know people from Azerbaijan and Mozambique! Also, having such a large number of people means your networking job is cut out for you.
  • Activism – This is the core of the Congress. If you have a cause, there’s probably a workshop for it that you can attend. The theme of this year’s Congress is Youth-Led Sustainable Development, so hark ye all you greenies! You can even apply to run a workshop if you’re experienced enough in activism for your cause.
  • TRAVEL – Please, it’s Rio de Janeiro, one of the most exciting up-and-coming cities in the world. There’s plenty of flexibility for you to leave the campus and explore the city if you feel like it.

Tell me you’re not excited after reading that! So how do you apply?

Go to https://peacechild.wufoo.com/forms/w7x2x3/ and fill out the form. There are about 4-5 200 word essays to fill up. The deadline to submit is 31st December 2011. I know I know, it’s ridiculously late for me to be posting this up and I’m sorry. But hey, I filled up the application forms for the Istanbul congress in the middle of my SPM and in March I got my acceptance letter. 🙂

Tip for you guys: if you guys are fresh to these sort of things, apply as anything BUT a Beginner Young Activist.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have on the World Youth Congress and related topics. Just drop me a mail at louisetmy@gmail.com. All the best, and Happy 2012 to all you Gappers. 🙂



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